Peanut butter ice cream coma

Hahahahaha JEV just changed his th relationship status to include Petra, as if…
Big news everyone 😂😂😂

No female driver in F1 next year as Simona Dr Silvestro failed to get a superlicense.

I hope Sauber doesn’t take the blame at it seems it was entirely her fault… Maybe she was expecting them or someone else paying for it? Funny enough coming from someone who tend to mock Susie Wolf ways…

Source: http://m.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/116103/de-silvestro-f1-career-in-jeopardy

I’ve received a very naive anon I can’t reply on my phone! Grrr. You’ll get your answer tomorrow ;)

Everytime I saw one of those post bragging about making homemade hummus I feel very tempting replying “good on you managing to put some chickpeas in a blender, your cooking skills are as amazing as Gordon Ramsay’s!”
It’s literally the easiest thing to make 😒

Certain F1 driver could get himself a better looking girlfriend even here compared to his current one.

He’s not big thing but she’s just ewk. Knowing drivers I bet she’s a rich family friend.

Ay, que mona va esta chica siempre.

Ay, que mona va esta chica siempre.